Buildmyinfra takes your privacy very seriously. We understand how harmful personal information can be, hence we take matters of confidentiality with utmost care. Please read our policy carefully. By using our services you are agreeing to let us collect and share information based on the following conditions and policies outlined in this document.

Our policy is subjected to all users on the website and offsite.
So what does privacy include?

This policy describes how we deal with private client information. This data could range from personal information or data collected over the time you used our services, it is information applicable under any privacy laws. What it does not include are companies or practices that we do not control or manage.

Can this policy be altered?

Alterations are made from time and again based on the laws and regulations of the land. The necessary changes are made according to business evolutions that help us serve you better. As part of our duty, we will inform you about any future changes and urge you to read our revised policy. However, if we do not have your updated contact information or if you have opted out of receiving and legal updated from our side, it will be your obligation to stay in touch with our new policy.

If you chose to continue using our services after changes in the policy. It is an indirect agreement to the new policy and new information collected under it is subjected to the same.

What kind of information do we collect

Our information collection comes from two sources, our client and any other third party involved.

The information that you provide us with includes:
  • Information that we directly such as contact information and other services we provide you.
  • Third-party information includes
  • Service providers: Our service providers help us analyze customer interactions and further improve our customer service
  • Access to any social media platforms sign into any third party service. Information on those platforms may be used or transformed to help us understand your needs.
  • Advertising firms - firms that assist with marketing and promotion, help with information based on your interaction with our social media platforms. Products, communication, etc.

Files on each person or company are made after information public or personal. These files include information on the internet, the legal contribution made by other companies or people, and research contributed by our team.

What is the exact data we collect:

Contact Information: This information is given to us by the person or company. This could include by not limited to; email id, phone number, and social media platform.

Personal information: This is all information about the client that has been provided to us. For eg: Age, date of birth, gender and other such identifications

Projection Information: Location of the project, details of the services provided and customer satisfaction

Internet Activities

Automated information: We collect information based on your activity on our website by technology collectively called "cookies". This helps us analyze user trends that we use to help increase our customer satisfaction. Third parties that also have the right to this information will be delivered this information.

Types of cookies used:

Ask the client

Information collected from commercials/ ads: Like any other business, we run our ads on various platforms, to understand how they perform third parties to collect information about user experience. This information can be denied by you and will then not be collected without your consent.

Personalized ads are the future of marketing and to provide better customer experience, it is important to understand the customer and their likings/dislikings. Companies technically collect this data to ensure there are no errors. We use this information purely to target the audience.

What do we do with the data?

There are multiple ways we use the data given to us, here are a few examples:

  • We use it to provide you with our services.
  • We analyze it to better our customer satisfaction
  • To further advertise similar services.

This policy applies to all, please reach out to us if you have any further questions.