Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Audits are conducted for all our projects. Warehouses, Stores Supermarkets, offices, and any other Business sites become our responsibility with this contract.

Maintenance is underrated in the infrastructure sector, however, we make it our top priority. Our professionals work with you 24/7 to make sure your systems are constantly updated and renewed. We promise a 99 percent perfection at all times. Our team is prepared for all infrastructure management, that includes: Electrical, Fire, HVAC, Networking, and CCTV systems.

Our AMC Services are created for client satisfaction

Maintenance of complete infrastructure

The pain of dealing with infrastructure problems can be cost profit, so we take the pain of managing your business sites with the utmost care and integrity.

Management through ticketing tool to avoid any hassles

Our Ticketing tool system is made to ensure that every problem is dealt with, whether it is onsite or offsite. Are team records your problem and then comes with quick and long-lasting solutions. It is a modern and technologized tool that leaves no room for errors.

Audit of the complete infrastructure which includes
  • Thermographic Audit: Our Thermal audit is performed using various devices to ensure quality control and prevent thermal defects and air leakage.
  • Energy Audits: We analyze the energy flow to understand how it is affecting the overall outcome.
  • Fire Audits: Fire safety should be a priority of any company. We scan the perimeter to ensure there are no fire risks.
  • IT & Network Audits: We assess devices and technological tools that could hinder your growth if they do not work perfectly.